Safety plan

Face Coverings

While in the building, we ask that you comply with CDC guidelines as closely as possible. This includes wearing a face covering while sitting, standing, or roaming the building. 

Physical Distancing

We will continue to practice the same physical distancing guidelines as prescribed by the CDC. Each service will feature marked seating. For example, our pews will be labeled "First Service" and "Second Service." We ask that you sit in a pew labeled accordingly. Our ushers are available to help you find seating as well. 


We firmly believe that fellowship plays a critical role in the church community. When socializing in the auditorium, we respectfully ask that you follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing. Likewise, we respectfully ask that prolonged fellowship take place outside in the parking lot and not in the auditorium. When the service is over, you will be dismissed by rows.



Hand sanitizer will be available at the "Welcome Center" when you arrive. We respectfully ask that you sanitize your hands before entering the auditorium.


Contact-free Services

We are working diligently to provide services that are as "contact-free" as possible. During services, there will be no physical greeting time. We respectfully ask that you refrain from all forms of physical contact, including, but not limited to, shaking hands, hugs, etc. Instead of passing the offering plates, we will have three lock-and-key offering boxes in the back of the auditorium. On Sunday’s when we celebrate Communion, there will be pre-packaged elements provided for you in the foyer.

These safety guidelines will be implemented for all ministries during the week including but not limited to: Men's Bible Study, Ladies Bible Study, Celebrate Recovery, etc. As always, we strongly advise those who are in a high-risk category to stay home. Also, if you're sick, stay home. Sermons will be uploaded to the website every Sunday following the 11 am service.  There will also be an online Life Group option during the week.

Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding, and adherence to these new guidelines. We will keep you updated with any changes. 


With great excitement we look forward to helping people find and follow Jesus in 2021!